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Legacy of the Rangers is a cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players. Each player controls a hero from The Rangers: Bloodstone, and works together to protect the villages of the Grimmock Mountains from the Orc raiding parties who are searching for the Bloodstone. 

All players have a personal matter they must attend to before they can focus on saving the realm from the Orcs. If the players conclude their business, locate the Bloodstone, and fortify that village from invasion, they win. If the Orcs raze too many villages or secure the Bloodstone themselves, all players lose. 


Designed by Team Lynnvander: Josh Derksen, Dylan Birtolo, Aron Murch, Thomas M. Gofton.

Graphic Design & Game Board: Josh Derksen

Character Artwork: Steven Bellshaw

Playtesters: André Byrnkus, Dianne da Rosa, Richard Durrer, Missy Freeman, Dave Gilbert, Susan Grunner, Jana Kanakaratnam, Jeff Meaders, David Nordquist, Chris Powell, Mitch Schroeder, Aaron Straus, Kyle van Dyke, Xin Wang, Dana Werpny, Hunter White, Brandon Worrell.