Hexton Hills Diverse Destinations

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Intricately 3D Printed Points of Interest Terrain for Tabletop RPGs

Elevate your adventure with the Hexton Hills 3D Printed Points of Interest Pack! This 24-tile set, printed and unpainted, infuses your maps with captivating locations that stir the imagination and offer endless possibilities for exploration and adventure.

From silent graveyards to bustling markets, volcanic outcrops to ruined abbeys, this diverse set transforms your map into a vibrant world brimming with stories waiting to unfold.

This exciting pack features:

  • 2 Graveyard Tiles, for solemn moments of remembrance
  • 3 Bandit Camp Tiles, hidden hotspots of roguish activity
  • 2 Encampment Tiles, makeshift homes of your travelling party
  • 1 Volcano Tile, a daunting natural phenomenon
  • 2 Ruined Abbey Tiles, remnants of forgotten faith
  • 2 Market Tiles, teeming with colourful vendors and patrons
  • 1 Fortune Teller Tile, where the future is revealed
  • 2 Hillside Hollow Tiles, nestled secrets within the landscape
  • 1 Mountain Lair, the abode of unseen danger
  • 1 Icy Pit Fighter Arena Tile, a chilling combat challenge
  • 1 Circus Tile, a riot of fun and fanfare
  • 1 Barrow Tile, a sacred resting place of old
  • 2 Adventurer Camp Tiles, a tranquil refuge amidst chaos
  • 1 Ruined Statue Tile, a fallen icon of the past
  • 1 Stone Circle Tile, an enigmatic ancient site
  • 1 Floating Pit Fighter Arena Tile, a thrilling arena in the sky

Remarkable print quality: Each tile is precision 3D printed using high-end FDM printers and sturdy PLA material. The intricate detail and robustness of each piece will stand up to countless tales of adventure. Note: colours may vary and the product comes unassembled.

Flexible design: Featuring special side tabs and magnet-sized holes for straightforward assembly and infinite layout possibilities, these tiles let you craft a seamless, borderless world of wonder.

Set your imagination free with the Hexton Hills 3D Printed Points of Interest Pack. Every tile is a chapter of adventure in the epic tale of your world!

Would you rather print these yourself? Click here for the STLs