Hexton Hills Oceanic Odysseys

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Expertly 3D Printed Ocean Adventure Terrain for Tabletop RPGs

Set sail for grand adventures with the Hexton Hills 3D Printed Ocean Adventure Pack! This 24-tile set comes printed and unpainted, providing a diverse selection of seafaring locales and intriguing ocean mysteries, ready for your unique touch of color.

Chart your course through a world of maritime wonder with:

  • 3 Ocean Tiles for vast open seas
  • 2 Lighthouse Tiles, guiding your vessels through the night
  • 3 Island Tiles for uncharted land discoveries
  • 2 Sea Monster Tiles, where danger lurks beneath the waves
  • 2 Pirate Hideout Tiles, housing swashbuckling adventure
  • 3 Shipwreck Tiles, the remnants of voyages past
  • 2 Skull Island Tiles, harboring cursed treasures
  • 2 Sunken Temple Tiles, submerged enigmas of a forgotten age
  • 1 Whirlpool Tile, the ocean's treacherous trap
  • 2 Zaratan Temple (Dormant) Tiles and 2 Zaratan Temple (Awakened) Tiles, the sleeping behemoth of the deep

Exceptional quality: Each hex tile is 3D printed with precision using high-end FDM printers and robust PLA material, ensuring impressive durability and exquisite detail. Note: colours may vary and the product arrives unassembled.

Unlimited configurations: The tiles feature ingenious side tabs and magnet-sized holes, offering seamless connectivity and boundless layout possibilities. Create your own endless ocean adventures, where every tile is a new voyage of discovery.

Embark on your maritime adventure today with the Hexton Hills 3D Printed Ocean Adventure Pack. Your stories await, hidden beneath the rolling waves!

Would you rather print these yourself? Click here for the STLs