Hexton Hills Riverland Relics

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Uniquely 3D Printed River Special Terrain for Tabletop RPGs

Transform your rivers from mere geographical features to hubs of intrigue with the Hexton Hills 3D Printed River Special Pack! This 24-tile set, printed and unpainted, offers a plethora of special tiles to bring depth, adventure, and a sense of wonder to your river landscapes.

From charming riverside cottages to mesmerizing waterfalls and hidden huts, every tile in this set presents unique narratives to explore and adventures to embark upon.

Immerse in a vivid world with:

  • 1 Riverside Cottage Tile, a peaceful idyllic abode
  • 2 Hidden Hut Tiles, sheltering secrets of the river
  • 3 Riverside Hut Tiles, offering solace along the water's edge
  • 1 Triple Bridge River Crossing Tile, bridging territories and tales
  • 2 Ruined Tower Island Tiles, remnants of a once-mighty fortification
  • 2 Island Hut Tiles, the seclusion of river dwellers
  • 2 Watermill Tiles, the river's industrious touch
  • 1 Mountain Falls Tile, where the highlands meet the lowlands
  • 1 Woodland Spring Tile, nature's serene oasis
  • 1 Hillside Cascade Tile, an awe-inspiring aquatic spectacle
  • 1 River Island Tile, a mid-stream refuge
  • 3 Straight River Tiles, guiding your adventure downstream
  • 2 Sharp Bend River Tiles, where the river takes a dramatic turn
  • 2 Shallow Curve River Tiles, the river's gentle veer

Excellent print quality: Each tile is meticulously 3D printed using advanced FDM printers and hardy PLA material, guaranteeing superb durability and detail. Note: colours may vary and the product arrives unassembled.

Unmatched flexibility: With the tiles' smart side tabs and magnet-sized holes, create limitless, seamless landscapes that flow as naturally as the rivers they represent.

Dive into a world of waterborne wonder with the Hexton Hills 3D Printed River Special Pack. Every tile is a ripple in the river of your ever-evolving story!

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