Hexton Hills Coastal Adventure

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Expertly 3D Printed Beachfront Scenery for Tabletop RPGs

Immerse yourself in the tranquil charm of sandy beaches and breezy coastlines with the Hexton Hills 3D Printed Beachfront Pack. This 24-tile set comes printed and unpainted, offering the perfect canvas to create your own sun-soaked paradise for epic adventures.

Get creative with a variety of tile types. Design bustling coastal villages, secluded islands, and expansive ocean scenes, all at your fingertips. This set truly embodies the spirit of tabletop gaming - endless customization for boundless exploration.

In this game-changing set, you'll receive:

  • 3 Coastal Village Tiles for building thriving communities
  • 1 River Connection Tile to create serene waterways
  • 1 Islands Tile to plot undiscovered land
  • 4 Ocean Tiles for vast maritime adventures
  • 15 Various Coastal Tiles for versatile beachfront landscapes

Uncompromised quality: Every hex tile is crafted using high-end FDM printers and durable PLA material, delivering a level of detail that will elevate your gameplay. Note: colours may vary and the product comes unassembled.

Tailored connectivity: Like all Hexton Hills tiles, these feature special side tabs and magnet-sized holes for easy assembly and limitless configuration possibilities. You're not just creating a map, but an expansive, borderless world.

Start creating unforgettable narratives with the Hexton Hills 3D Printed Beachfront Pack. Your adventures are only a tile away!

Would you rather print these yourself? Click here for the STLs