Bring Your Fantasy Campaigns to Life

With over 500 printable tiles, you can custom make beautiful fantasy map for your roleplaying games and miniature wargames, and instantly add depth to your campaigns.

Do you have access to a 3D printer?

Hexton Hill 3D Printable Packages

71 Tiles Including mountains, woodlands, rivers, hills, plains, roads, villages, towns, forts and some very special centerpiece tiles. Pre-supports included.

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123 Tiles Including everything from the Starter Set, plus tons of awesome locations, such as camps, farms, dungeons, ruins, mines, and more. Pre-supports included.

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220 Tiles Including everything from the Starter + Expansion bundle, plus rivers, coasts, oceans, marshes, and more. Pre-supports included.

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The Hexton Hills Ultimate Bundle - 500+ Tiles!

Over 500 Tiles including the entire Epic City range, with all future tiles promised in the first Hexton Hills Kickstarter. Pre-supports included.

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No 3D Printer? We'll Print Them For You!

Embark on your adventure with the Hexton Hills Adventure Starter Pack! This product comes printed and unpainted. With this 24-tile hex pack, you can create a versatile map that sets the stage for countless adventures.

Begin in a serene village, journey through lush woodlands, and discover the secrets of the ancient tower.

Are you ready to start your adventure?

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Or maybe you're ready for a bigger adventure? The Highland Expedition contains 48 tiles at an additional discount.

With tiles featuring everything from ominous mountain lairs to quiet farmsteads, you can weave a narrative filled with bandits, shipwrecks, forts, towns, and the ultimate mountaintop challenge.


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The Hexton Hills Adventure Pack Mega Bundle offers an unparalleled tabletop gaming experience with a massive selection of 96 intricately detailed 3D printed hex tiles.

This is a grand compilation of our four adventure packs, and lets you construct the ultimate adventure map replete with sprawling mountains, beautiful coastal details, lush woodland mystery, and the comforting respite of civilization.

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Create Fantastic Maps to Amaze your Friends

FDM and Resin Ready

All files are ready to be printed on FDM or resin printers, with unsupported and presupported versions included.

Easy to Paint

All tiles are designed to be super easy to paint. A simple basecoat, drybrushing, and a few details make them look fantastic!

Lots of Variety

Most sets of tiles come with 5-7 variations, with roads, walls, and rivers giving you even more so that you can build your map however you like.


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